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Let Those Words Flow

“Vsak otrok je umetnik, težava leži v tem kako ostati umetnik, ko odrasteš.”

-Pablo Picasso

Tako bi na kratko opisali izziv “Let Those Words Flow”. Tokrat smo bili primorani se podati v bolj poetične vode. S skupnimi močmi smo uspešni privijačili tudi kar nekaj lepo zvenečih povedi. Lepo vas vabimo, da jih preberete ob kakšni jutranji kavici ali pa večernem čokoladnem mleku.


Be a surgeon, a witch doctor or a nurse,
it’s beautiful that the world is diverse.
Diverse like nature, but we must say no to theft,
because aligator boots and a snake purse,
shouldn’t be the only thing that is left.

Be a scientist, magician or chemical witch,
numbers and formulas are forbidden to ditch.
What is equal, is not less,
there is no shame in saying “God bless”.

Be a poet, superhero or cook,
doing something good proves you’re not a crook.
Saving the hungry, gifting the bored,
soon you’ll be the one everyone adored.

Be an athlete, dreamer or actor,
but never forget what you act for.
Once upon a time we were thankful to Santa,
today we thank the fighters for rights, environmental fights,
remember, always keep your goals in you sights.

-David Zindović


Isn’t it strange,
how quickly can one make a change?

No matter if you’re wealthy,
smart,silly or looking for spare change,
you mind is healthy,
so do engage!

Engage into Science,
for a new world of defiance.
Engage into Technology,
since it is far from mithology.
Engage into Engineering,
because it is mathematically appealing.
What about Math?
Do not worry,
everywhere around you,
you can witness its numerical wrath.

-Nail Kuduzović


What is your dream?
What do you want to do?
Do you feel like relaxing?
Tightening a screw?
Well, then STEM is for you.

A world full of numerical wonders,
robotical fantasies and wonderfull groups.
What are you waiting for?
Gather you engineering troops!

Some wheels, tires and a good song,
a simple recipe,
for the best summer to last long.

Do it for all, the waters, trees,
birds and bees, until you realize,
what STEM really means.

-Matej Šajn

If only I knew, if only I found out,
what is there to know,
what is it about?

Race your thoughts, every doubt,
find yourself,
don’t be affraid to shout.

Grap a screw, engine, some tape and glue,
crafting is fun, like three, one, two.

Some numbers, equations, letters and dice,
we too can construct something extremely nice.

Give nature a present, gift if the act of recycling,
spreading awareness, saving the waters, the trees,
they will be thankful, don’t forget about bees.

-Klemen Mehle